Creative Business Codex

The Creative Business Codex is a powerful mentored training program for creators looking to start/grow a hyper-profitable creative business.

Learn how to double, triple even 4x your business by attracting more clients, closing more leads, charging more money, properly managing projects, and multiplying your time with all-star freelancers. 

We turned the guesswork of starting/growing a business into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.

The Creative Business Codex is an 8-week online course via mobile and desktop with videos, worksheets, templates, scripts, PDF’s and action steps, live Q&A calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The course shows you how to scale using systems.


A Deeper Look Inside The Creative Business Codex


World Class Program Materials

The Creative Business Codex materials will take an individual from ground zero to becoming a successful creative entrepreneur. In depth mentored training around service creation, mindset, pricing, sales, marketing and lead generation, internal company workflow, etc.

Exclusive Creative Community

Throughout your time within The Creative Business Codex, you will run into road bumps and will need help along your way. This is where the exclusive Creative Community comes into play.

You will be amongst the top creatives willing to help you overcome your hurdles and get you on the right path to becoming a successful creative entrepreneur.



Weekly Live Q&A Calls & Discussion

Each week, The Creative Business Codex program includes an opportunity for you to have any of your questions answered, on demand. A 2-hour open Question & Answer session with the Expert Coaches to help you with whatever you are currently struggling with.

On top of the Live Q&A calls, we record the sessions and grant you access to previous recordings.


Week One

Setting the Foundation - Why This Is Your Time

  • How to think abundantly in your business.

  • Designing your ideal future

  • Becoming the person who deserves success

  • What is the destination & moving into your bigger business goals

Week Two

The Fortune 500 Creative Business Structure

  • The Freelancer VS. The Entrepreneur

  • Moving towards the market’s needs for maximum revenue

  • The 25/25/50 business structure

  • Your Blue Ocean Strategy - how to eliminate all competition

  • Refining your value (hunting field vs antelope)

  • Access to the business revenue forecasting template

Week Three

The Magic of Direct Response Case Studies - Revolutionizing Your Industry

  • Choosing the clients you want to work with

  • What is the problem you are solving?

  • Compiling your assets & fine tuning your messaging

  • Your case study version 1.0

Week Four

Organic Client Attraction - the Grass Is Greener Where You Water

  • Organic client attraction with email, LinkedIn & Facebook messaging

  • The perfect offer structure

  • The follow up machine (planting seeds and watering)

  • If you have one client, you have 100

  • How to “grow horizontally”in your market with new clients

Week Five

Paid Client Attraction Methods - Adding Fuel to the Fire

  • Scaling our proven client outreach with paid advertising

  • Building your automated sales funnel

  • Retargeting our prospects for maximum effect

  • How to achieve true omnipresence in your market

  • Tracking your advertising investments for eliminated stress

Week Six

The Complete Sales Cycle Playbook

  • Pricing the client, not the job

  • Negotiating & overcoming objections with the decision makers

  • Your 20% profit rule

  • Red, Yellow & Green budgets

  • Closing the deal

  • Access to our full library of contracts

Week Seven

Project Management and Final Delivery

  • Onboarding the client

  • Setting expectations

  • Proper project management for profitability

  • Strategies for handling difficult client situations

  • Kill fees built into the agreements

Week Eight

Maintaining and Scaling a Prosperous Creative Business

  • The only way to grow is by knowing your numbers down to the penny

  • It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep

  • The Andy Warhol Factory method to scale

  • Engaging freelancers for profitability

  • How to keep the clients you already have & make more money from them

  • When it’s appropriate to fire clients

  • Scaling to multiple 6-figures and beyond