The Real Truth About Being a Creator


Here’s the real truth about being a creator (designer, video expert, photographer, illustrator etc…)  who sells their creative services:

You could be the ABSOLUTE best in your field, studied your craft the finest schools, won tons of awards for your work BUT you’d go broke without a steady stream of new customers.

Being a GOOD creative is NOT good enough.

We all know this shouldn’t be true, but it is.  

The fact is - being a successful creative entrepreneur today has more to do with marketing your services that it has to do with making good work.

You can fight this - and go broke.

Just because you can DO the work, doesn’t mean you can run a successful business.

When I first started my creative studio, I will NEVER forget the misery, frustration and failure I had to endure before I finally figured it out.

The growing credit card bills.

The growing anxiety.

Telling myself that things are going to turn around soon:

“A really huge deal is right around the corner!”

Getting up early - staying up late.  

The endless hours of sitting in the office, watching youtube videos about marketing, cold emailing clients.  Trying to find a way in.

Expending enormous amounts of efforts, just to get a few coffee dates with prospective clients.  Having really great interactions with people, but nothing concrete (ie sales) coming out of it.

And I will NEVER forget what it was like when it finally started to turn around. When the sales resistance began to melt and disappear.

When my messages started filling up with customers who knew my company and wanted my help.

I’ll never forget the elation and the relief.  

Getting use to the idea that: “yes, I really am going to be successful.  This REALLY is going to work”

I don’t think anyone should have to live through what I lived through.

I don’t think anyone who wants to be successful in their creative business should have to stay uninformed as long as I did.

I know I’ve got the tools to help you improve your business.  I know that the technology, methods, and strategies exist so that you don’t have to ever make a cold call or worry about how to fill your business with work.

But you aren’t going to learn those methods unless someone is available to teach you.

Which brings us to the Creative Business Codex.  

Please allow me to explain.

The Creative Business Codex is a mentored training program for creators looking to start/grow a hyper-profitable creative business.

It helps creatives double, triple even 4x their business by attracting more clients, closing more leads, charging more money, properly managing projects, and multiplying their  time with all-star roster of freelancers.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone.  In fact, you have to qualify to be accepted.

So if you’re just a “wantrepreneur” type person who dreams about being financially independent in a great business, but not absolutely serious as a raging forest fire about owning a real business, then this is just not for you.

And obviously if you are not willing to invest appropriately in such a business, this isn’t for you either.

Now you may have heard similar promises in the past but….

Here’s what makes The Creative Business Codex so different, and so much more profitable than anything else you’ve ever seen.

Most training gives you the same old rehash of outdated, scammy marketing and sales techniques.  

OR they’re written by marketers based on theories that have never been proven to work...NOT actual creatives like you and I who are in the trenches day in and day out.

What’s so different about The Creative Business Codex is that it consists completely of tested and proven strategies and techniques using direct response case studies.  Every strategy, script, template, and technique has withstood the most demanding test possible: it has proven extremely profitable in the marketplace!

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Brett Morris